Travertine Pool Deck

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Travertine pool decks have become the most popular choice these days. If you have a salt water system for your swimming pool this may not be the best fit unless properly sealed. Travertine is low maintenance and very easy to repair if any issues were to arise. In most cases we will start by installing the soldier coarse (Perimeter Pavers) with mortar, we then install a layer of sand right over the existing deck surface, compact the sand bed, install your paver design, install polymeric sand (Paver Locking Sand), and your deck is complete. With the option of sealing your deck it could last a life time.  There are a few design and color options when it comes to travertine so you can customize your pool deck to your style. If travertine pavers are an option for you we need to understand that it will raise the deck 11/2 inches (Thickness of Travertine Paver). In most cases this is not a problem at all but something to keep in mind. We can also install any other paver you have in mind. Below is a link to the travertine design and color chart that we offer or come check out our showroom.

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Kool Deck Texture

Kool Deck is a builders grade surface that was designed to keep your feet cool in the hotter parts of the year. This knock down process is by far one of the cheapest ways of finishing off your pool deck. There are many color options to choose from and you can even make boarders with diffrent designs and contrasts if you dont like the plain look of kool deck. This surface can be installed on all concrete surfaces horizontal and vertical.
If you do not find a color that interests you, please contact us and we can show you samples in person or come see our showroom.

Kool deck should be sealed once every 2 – 4 years, depending on how much use it gets. If there are repairs done then the whole deck should be sealed so it matches perfect. After the sealer has faded in the sun for a few years, it is hard to match the color. If you maintain your deck right, it has potential to last you a life time, and that is what we are here for. Below is a color chart of what we offer. Call us for a free annual inspection.

Click Here For Color Chart