Pool & Spa Resurfacing Options

To resurface your existing pool, we first have to find out what surface is best for your enjoyment. There are a few choices listed below to choose from. The smoothest of all would be plaster and they get rougher from there. Depending on the finish that you chose it will take our team 2-3 days to complete the work on your pool. If it is a major re-model with tile, coping, and deck work it may take anywhere from 7-14 days. A job specific schedule will be presented at the time the proposal is excepted.

Below are approximate life expectancy for each surface. These are based on a professional maintaining your pool chemistry. Pool chemistry plays a very important role in maintaining the integrity of your pool surface. We recommend pool maintenance by a certified professional.

Pebble Surfaces

Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen or Pebble Fina finish will typically last over 15 years. These are the most durable finishes that can be applied to a swimming pool surface. The process typically takes 4- 5 days. Includes: Chipping out old surface, Installing new surface, and Final acid wash. The pool will then be filled right away with no interruption. Color chart below.

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Plaster Surfaces

Plaster finish typically will last 7-10 years. There are cases where people will get many more years out of a plaster finish but it is rare. It is important to remember that it is the weakest material for a swimming pool surface and the most problematic. The start up on a plaster surface is about a month long and you will have to put up with a dusty pool for that time frame.

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Expoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings for plaster will last up to seven years and can be recoated any time as long as the plaster is in good shape. If the water chemistry is not kept up by a professional the coating may not last as long. This is the cheapest way to make your plaster pool look better. Start up process is about 7 days.

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