“Fountain Hills Award Winning Services”

With our high tech leak detection equipment our experts can pinpoint a leak within 1 foot of its location. When the leak is located we then have to access the pipes or area in question. We will then fix the leaking area and repair any surface that was removed to its original look. For more information about this process please give us a call.

Leak Detection Services Offered:

Pressure Testing and Sonar– For this process our technician will pressure test all plumbing lines and use sonar to find any possible leaks. The pool will need to be at the proper water level for this process. In order to pressure test the main drain and pop-up cleaning system the pool will need to be drained.

Dye Testing– We can dye test all fittings, surface cracks, skimmers, light fixtures, and water leveler pots. This will give us an idea of where water is leaving the pool shell. This is done with the pool full of water and may require some swimming.

Bucket Test– This is the most basic of all tests. For this test we will leave the pumps and water leveler off for a 24 hr period. We will place a bucket in the pool and fill with water until it is the same level as pool. After the 24 hr period this will give us a good idea if your pool is leaking or if you are just loosing water through evaporation.