Q: How many hours does my pool have to run every day?

Depending on the size, every pool should run about 8 hours in the summer and 4 hours in the winter.

Q: What do I do when my vacuum gets stuck?

Sometimes things get stuck in the vacuum. Look at the bottom and see if you can pull anything out.

Q: Should I invest in a new heater?

Well, if you are looking to save money on energy and get a lot of use out of your heater a heat pump is the way to go. Heat pumps run like a/c units and don’t use any type of gas. They are more expensive than gas heaters but will make up for it.

Q: Should I invest in a solar cover?

If you are heating a pool or spa, you should always use a solar cover as well. It traps the heat and saves energy as well. For most pools, you can use a reel system for easy removal.

Q: Should I drain my pool or spa?

Pools should be drained about every four years, spas about every six months. After a while, the water stops holding chemicals and makes it near impossible to maintain.

Q: If I drain my pool, What else Should I do?

You might want to think about acid washing your pool. This will remove any stains that may have accumulated over the years. It also removes any lotions or oils left by guests.
You might notice after draining the pool that there is a white calcium line surrounding the pool, It could use a bead blast (Look at bead blast). Also, any tile, plaster, and pebble tec repairs should be done at this time.

Pool Pointers!

1.) Check Your Water Level Regularly.

If The Pump Runs Dry, It Can Cause Damage
Hot Sunny Days And Splashing Cause Water Lose
In Arizona, Average Evaporation Is 10 Ft Per year.

2.) Take Toys Out Of Pool.

Toys Will Find Skimmers and Cleaners, Causing Blockage, And Restricted Flow.

3.) Run Pump For Sufficient Amount Of Time!

In The Summer Months, Pools Need To Circulate And Filter For Longer Periods.
Winter Months- Set Timers For 4-8 Hours.
Summer Months- Set Timers For 6-10 Hours.

4.) Clean All Baskets In Stormy Weather.

Windy Conditions Can Severely Clog Baskets With Debris, Restricting The Flow Of Water.

5.) Do Preventative Maintenance.

Being Proactive About Preventive Maintenance Keeps Your System Running Smoothly Through The Summer.

6.) If Your System Goes Down When It Is Hot, It Can Get Real Ugly, Real Fast.

If This Happens, You Will Need To Contact Us Immediately.
And Remember, Always Keep A Lock On Your Gate!
Always Keep Spa Cover On and Locked At All Times!